Pre-Boarding Activities

Have fun and bond with your colleagues before we take flights.

You have to form a team of 5 members Participate in all 4 activities to score points.

The team with the highest points will be crown as the Overall Most Sporting Team!


Overall Most Sporting Team - 1st Prize: $1,000 gift vouchers 

Overall Most Sporting Team - 2nd Prize: $750 gift vouchers 

Overall Most Sporting Team - 3rd Prize: $500 gift vouchers 

Squid Game Challenge Winning Team: $400 gift vouchers 
Best Personality Contest Winners:  1st Prize: $80 gift vouchers, 2nd Prize: $50 gift vouchers 

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Squid Game Challenge
(Team Base)


Take part in DSM own version of

squid game challenge! Sign up here together with your team! 


Result will be announce on

14th Dec 2021

Best Personality Contest 


Take an individual photo via our virtual photo booth. You can choose the different countries background. Click on the link to launch to the virtual photo booth! After taking the photo please submit it here

Scan the QR Code or click here!


Result will be announce on

14th Dec 2021


World Trivia


Take this quiz to test your general knowledge of countries
around the world!
Click here to participate!

Song Dedications


Create a memorable experience by dedicating a song to your colleagues!  Your messages will be shared during the event and a live band will be singing the tunes you have picked!* 

Click here to send in your dedication!

*Regardless of whether the live band is able to perform your chosen song, rest assured that your message will still be flashed during the event.

Lucky Draw


Check out what are the attractive lucky draw prizes here