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Safety Campaign
QR Code Question

Safety Campaign QR Code Question

Q1. How often do Forklift Operator need attend refresher course? (叉车操作员多久需要参加一次进修课程?)
Q2. Do forklift operator need to check the machine and wear seatbelt before operating the forklift? (叉车操作员在操作叉车前是否需要检查机器并系好安全带?)
Q3. Is it okay to obstruct Fire Fighting Equipment? (可以阻塞消防设备吗?)
Q4. What is the most important document to collect before contractor performing work in our premise? (在承包商在我们的场所进行工作之前,需要收集的最重要的文件是什么?)
Q5. Who is the First-Aider in 15 Pioneer Walk Level 2 Office? (谁是 15 Pioneer Walk Level 2 办公室的急救员?)
Q6. Risk Assessment how many years to review once? (风险评估多少年审查一次?)
Q7. Which Statement is correct? (哪种说法是正确的?)
Q8. Which Statement is correct? (哪种说法是正确的?)
Q9. Which law is the Main law for Workplace Safety in Singapore? (新加坡工作场所安全的主要法律是哪项法律?)

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