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Pre-Event Activities

Have fun before we travel back in time to the 90s on the 2nd September!

Trivia Quiz: 2x $50 cash to be won!

Closing Date:  2nd Sept 2022, 10.00am

2 winners will be selected on event day. See you soon! 

The 90s Trivia
Quiz Challenge

Image by Simone Secci

Take this quiz to test your general knowledge of the 90s!


Photo Booth

Wow emotions and music. Stylish couple dancing on bright background. Modern design, contem

Take an individual photo via our virtual photo booth. You can choose the different countries background. Click on the link to launch to the virtual photo booth!


to launch the virtual photobooth


90s song request or
song dedication 


Create a memorable experience by dedicating a song to your colleagues! Your messages will be shared during the 1st & 2nd dinner course. 

Click here to send in your dedication!

*We may not be able to play all the 90s songs that you have request but all song dedication messages be flashed during the event.


By submitting your details, you agree to us processing your data in accordance with our Data Protection Policy.


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